Tired of being shut-down?

Tired of spending thousands of dollars with other bulk mailers only to get shut down when you get blamed for violating their acceptable use policy (AUP) or term of services (TOS) all it takes is to hit one or two spam traps or a complaint from one internet service provider then your whole campaign is ruined your email services provider just shuts you down, you lose not only your data reports but also the money you paid them, and you will not get a penny back since on their side you were the one that violated their (AUP) or (TOS).


Unfortunate situations

We at Bulk Mail Cloud understand that these unfortunate situations do happen and we do work with you to make sure that not only do you get to keep your campaigns going even if you do hit a few spam traps or get a few ISP's complaining we make sure you are still able to get into inboxes all while making sure you and your company do not get considered as spammers. We speak on your behalf, & comply with the complaining parties. That we are not spammers & are doing are regular monthly or daily email marketing campaigns.

Font Awesome


You are able to add Font Awesome Icons to your ads.

Responsive &

Retina Ready

Your campaigns will be responsive & retina ready.

Well Documented

Step by step tutorial on site

Once you log into the system you will have a full walk thru on how to use each part of the system

Our Infrastructure

We set up our servers at different locations especially the e-mail ad broadcasting server this way if anything was to happen the broadcaster you will not lose any of your data or campaign momentum. Each of our clients gets their own MySQL data server where they upload their own client email list. Not only do they get their own personal MySQL Server but also get their own broadcasting server with their own personal IPs & domains, there is no shared servers, IPs nor domain sharing on our infrastructure. Ask about our re-direct page hosting we also keep your site safe from being considered as a spam site.

White Label Re-seller Program

Build and manage your customer's bulk emailing on our bulk mail cloud platform while receiving unimaginable pricing discounts. Great for web designers, bulk mailer, advertising agencies and affiliates who prefer to handle billing and management of their customer's bulk mailing campaigns.
Contact us for more information

Top-notch support

Support is available free of charge to all users of our bulk mailing system. Get in touch, we're glad to help.

Safe Landing Pages

Need to keep your website from getting if any negative traffic from your mailing just ask us about our re-direct landing page services.


No tricks, We are flexible if you get complaints we promise to work with you and not just shut you down like other e-mail service providers.

Ways to use our system

Bulk Mailing & Branding

Welcome Emails

Welcoming e-mails to new clients

Send bulk welcoming e-mails to new clients or send bulk coupon or event ads to new or excisting clients.

Start Mailing


Making money with affiliates.

Making money on affiliates campaigns by SEO, Blogging, or Vlogging & now would like to send bulk e-mail campaigns?. Bulk Mail Cloud is your solution, we will not shut you down if you receive a few complaints we will work with you to reach yours & your affiliates goals.

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Sending bulk e-mail campaigns to your opt-in list or purchased list.

Send bulk e-mail ads to brand your company name, without worrying about losing your ISP or your e-mail service provider.

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Drag & Drop
Newsletter Builder

Drag & Drop Newsletter Builder Easier and faster for quick template building.

We have added a web based Newsletter builder along with a set of built-in blocks, so you're now able to build email templates faster. You can also enhance your email based off of the default templates using your own custom blocks.

Limitless Styling

You can implement simple and powerful Styles using our web based module manager, which enables independent styling of any component inside your canvas. It is also possible to configure any of the CSS properties.

Responsive design

Our web based newsletter builder gives you all the necessary tools needed to optimize a template to look perfect on any mobile device. In case more device options are required, simply add them to the editor.

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Ask about our first time clients discounts

  • 50,000
    email campaign

  • $50.00/ per month no contract

  • Send 50,000 emails in just minutes
    get one dedicated thread

  • Secure Dedicated Email List Server
    With 1 Shared Thread

  • Shared Testing Cloud
    Broadcasting Server 1 Shared IP Address

  • With Shared IP Address & Domain

  • Real-Time Statistics

  • Order Now
  • 100,000
    email campaign

  • $100.00/ per month no contract

  • Blazing Speed of 300,000 emails
    per hour per thread

  • Dedicated Cloud Broadcasting Server
    With 2 Open Threads

  • 2 Dedicated Personal IP Addresses
    With 2 Domains Of Your Choice

  • Secure Dedicated Email List Server

  • Real-Time Statistics

  • Order Now
  • 500,000
    email campaign

  • $150.00/ per month no contract

  • Blazing Speed of 300,000 emails
    per hour per thread

  • Dedicated Cloud Broadcasting Server
    With 2 Open Threads

  • 3 Dedicated Personal IP Addresses
    With 3 Domains Of Your Choice

  • Secure Dedicated Email List Server

  • Real-Time Statistics

  • Order Now
  • 2,000,000
    email campaign

  • $350.00/ per month no contract

  • Blazing Speed of 300,000 emails
    per hour per thread

  • Dedicated Cloud Broadcasting Server
    With 2 Open Threads

  • 5 Dedicated Personal IP Addresses
    With 5 Domains Of Your Choice

  • Secure Dedicated Email List Server

  • Real-Time Statistics

  • Order Now
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Bulk Mail Cloud

Q & A

Where are you located?

We have three offices our main office is in Phoenix Arizona the others are in Vancouver Canada , London UK, Prague Czech Republic.

Are the data centers owned by you?

We have both our own data center and we also co-locate. We have established data centers in Arizona, Florida, New York, Boston, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, other locations are co-located such as France, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, and others.

Do you offer Ad designing, & or use grammarly services?

Yes, we offer ad designing for a minimal fee just contact us via e-mail for more information. We also use grammarly on our campaigns to make sure everything is written properly.

Can I order more than 2 threads?

Yes, you may order more threads, get 5 more threads for just $275. If need a larger amount of threads open, please contact us via email for pricing.

What is the policy on "SPAM" & "unsolicited emails"?

Many bulk e-mail service providers have Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) or Terms of Service (TOS) that prohibits you from sending unsolicited bulk emails, nor can you use an email list that you may have harvest or purchased from online. Some email service providers claim 100% inbox rates which can't be true when you are on a shared IP address and domain with other of their clients, and if you get a complaint you risk your account getting shutdown without a fair warning and without a refund they may make you pay for violating their AUP. We understand that these unfortunate situations do happen and we will try to work with you to make sure that you stay compliant and keep your campaign running, we do let you use your harvest or purchased list on our servers we take these risk because our clients are not on the same IP address or domain. If we do receive a complaint we handle it without shutting down our clients. We do help you keep a good email reputation as well, we remove your domain and IP address if they are blacklisted on one of the spam listing sites we work with most of them and have a good communication with most major ISP's.

Do you rotate my IPs & domains?

Yes, we rotate your IP addresses & Domains. However, it does depend on which service you have chosen please contact us for more information via email.

Can I have multiple accounts under different company names?

Yes, you can order as many accounts as you like we will even give you a 15% discount on every account you open after your first one.

Do you have a resellers program?

Yes, we do have a resellers program we can even white label our mailing system with your own company name & logo. Your clients would never know that you use our system nor do we contact them in any way. Contact us via email for more information.

What if I don't reach my sending limit within the month?

You will have to contact us via email to prolong your account we usually give an additional 10 to 15 days extra so you can finish your campaign.

Can I log in thru my smartphone or tablet?

Yes our system is web-based & compatible with almost every browser you may even upload your email list directly from your smartphone or tablet.



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